$80 Sustaining Membership (monthly, auto-renewing)
Memberships at the studio are an impactful way to help us bring more yoga to more people. At Sangha Studio, one of our core values is accessibility. This includes financial accessibility. We want everyone to practice yoga no matter what! 
One of the ways we accomplish this is through membership. Our Sustaining Membership does exactly what it says, sustains us. Through your donation, you not only receive unlimited in-person classes + unlimited livestream classes + replay access + member perks, but you also contribute to the collective funds we use to keep our spaces accessible to all. 
Wondering where your donation goes? Your donation helps to support:
  • Our mission in action through financially accessible pricing and ensuring that we always remain a donation-based studio where everyone is welcome
  • Specialized programs for specific populations like the LGBTQIA+ community, those affected by traumatic brain injuries and the accessible yoga community
  • Scholarship positions for studio memberships, workshops and trainings
  • Equitable teacher compensation
  • Administrative support
What does our core value of access mean? 
It means that no matter what, folks can always practice at Sangha. When we say, pay-what-you-can, we truly mean it. Our price point of $80 is what truly sustains the studio financially. By becoming a Sustaining Member, you help us grow our mission and allow us to keep our doors open to all. We acknowledge that yoga in the West has historically been inaccessible to those with financial and physical barriers. We work to host studio classes that are accessible to anyone that may want to join us for practice to the best of our ability. Financially, this means we provide a donation-based membership option, and donation-based drop-in classes. We believe that accessibility is a practice and our promise to our community is to strive to be more inclusive, more connected and more accessible with every class.
 What are the benefits of becoming a Sustaining Member?
  • You are part of the Sangha Studio community
  • Unlimited drop-in classes at all locations
  • Unlimited full access to our livestream classes and replay library
  • Mat storage cubby at our North Winooski and Pine St studios
  • Discounted access to workshops, series and specialty classes
  • Helping to keep this practice accessible to anyone who wants to join
 To learn more about our mission and core values, visit our mission page here.

Sangha Studio Membership Agreement 2022.pdf 62.3 KB

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