Prana Danda Meditation in FlowMotion for Everyone w/Demetri and Shiva

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Demetri Velisarius

Demetri Velisarius, RYT 500, BSW, is a certified  Drupon (Practice Master) Lineage Holder within the Kagyu Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. He is the co-creator of Prana Danda Yoga & Meditation in FlowMotion.  A f...
Prana Danda Meditation in FlowMotion draws from Prana Flow Yoga, Kalarie Martial Arts, and fire spinning to create this unique form of yoga/ martial art / dance like moving meditation for everyone. 

It's unique and creative by combining meditative music with rehearsed movements aided by a specially designed five foot staff (outer danda) that guides the body and directs the flow of energy.

Whether one has a staff or not, the visual aid is easy to imagine in one's hands during movement. Each stage is repeated with an imagined invisible danda full of healing light energy. The invisible and visible dance together, hence Prana Danda. 

Training this way in balancing stances, yoga poses and rhythmic step patterns benefits one’s coordination, establishes energetic pathways of flow and embodies courage and confidence. 
*Possible to use a broomstick, cane or carve a walking staff from a tree; anywhere from 36"to 60" tall for the feel. When moving with a danda be careful of those around you.