Soma Prana Flow Teacher Immersion $127.00 per month
  • Soma Prana Flow 
    Lunar Arts Immersion
    For Self-care and Realization
    Fall Series + Teacher Pathway

    Begins Sept 28 
    *Weekly Live practice session
     Eight Tuesdays 5:35-6;45 pm pst 
    * Three Elemental Lunar Prana Vinyasa Replay On Yoga Alchemy (bonus)
    * Three Monthly Teacher gathering 
     Full Moon at Noon - 1:30 pm pst
    Oct 1st, Oct 30, Nov 28
    Teacher Training hours - 15 hr.
  • Auto-renews
Soulful Wellness September $108.00 valid for 2 months
  • Soulful Wellness Solstice Monthly Pass
    This pass is for those enrolled in Samudra's Movement Meditation - Soulful Wellness Guide Training for our Summer Solstice month of September.  This includes all classes - wellness and teacher trainings. All the info: Please email [email protected] once you are registered here so we can connect you with teacher training resources. 
  • One-time charge
Soulful Wellness August Pass $108.00 valid for 2 months
  • For Soulful Wellness Classes

    This pass is for one monthly registered soulful wellness fire keeper .
    Blessings as we begin the sacred journey this August.

    Appreciation to and everyone as we begin the LIVE and in your rhythm journey.
  • One-time charge
Heart of Yogini - Shakti Prana Flow $64.00 valid for 3 months
  • Four Juicy Classes from 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. pst as well as Zoom info available on replay.
  • One-time charge
Practitioner Pass - Monthly Auto Renew $64.00 per month
  • Unlimited LIVE and On-Demand Replays.  Renews every 30 days. Cancel anytime, 
  • Auto-renews
Embodying Shakti - 10 Days of Navaratri $54.00 valid for 19 days
  • Join us for 10 days of Daily Live Shakti Sadhana during Navaratri including preparation session.
  • One-time charge
4 Class Pass $40.00 valid for 2 months
  • Good for 4 Live or On-Demand Replays. Not for "Teacher classes"
  • One-time charge
Embodying Shakti - Soul Well Navaratri $27.00 valid for 2 months
  • This is a discounted pass for our Soulful Wellness and HOY participants.
  • One-time charge
Drop-In to Soulful Wellness - Single Class Pass $14.00 one time use
  •  This pass allows you one 30 min or hour long virtual yoga or meditation class. (Not for teacher zoom classes)
  • One-time charge
2021ROOTSPRACTICE Free valid for 3 months
  • for 200hr in 2021 cycle elemental and roots lab review  + practices 
  • One-time charge