Prana Flow Global Online Sanctuary
Movement Meditation for All in Soulful Times

Join us as we come together to create a home sanctuary for a week of offerings. You can choose from open classes or weekly and monthly membership(s) that include: special live satsangs, Q+A’s, wellness practices, lectures and teacher training. (yoga alliance approved). 

Dive into one session or a week immersion for the regenerative full-spectrum practices of Prana Vinyasa Flow with global founder Shiva Rea. 

Experience unique meditation classes with Prana Danda Founder and Dharma teacher, Demetri Velisarius. 

All classes are curated for energetic balance and sequenced for experienced beginners to teachers in the Prana Flow way of “teaching alignment in the flow.”  Using non-verbal, kinesthetic intelligence, rhythmic movement patterns that enhance your breath flow, whole-body connection and state of flow this will harmonize your brain waves, heart rhythm and mood to move into an optimal regenerative state for your health and well-being.

Whether you are new to vinyasa as a student or a vinyasa/Prana Flow teacher, experience the alchemy of yoga, movement, and meditation to recalibrate your system to the rhythms of life.