Rod Stryker

Yogarupa Rod Stryker is a world-renowned yoga and meditation teacher, guiding and sharing his wisdom for 40 years. He is the founder of ParaYoga®, and the author of The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, H...

Wonder-full & Joy-full

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1h 16m
Return to your natural state of joy, wonder, and peace. It's easy to forget that each of us came into the world innately blissful. It is always accessible, but often forgotten. From start to end, this practice, through intention, mindful movement, breath work (sitali), and meditation guides you to tap into these inherent qualities and as as result access greater openness, curiosity and joyful freedom. 

Practice: Asana
Level: 1-2
Category: Sun
Qualities: Awakening, Subtle Power, Sensitivity, Higher Perception
Teacher: Rod Stryker

Props suggested: A block, strap, and/or folded blanket–-if needed.