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The Four Desires Meditation Set $15.00 valid for 10 years
  • Access to 5 meditations and 1 Yoga Nidra practice inspired by The Four Desires. 

    Breath Awareness 
    Vairagya: Let Go
    Healing the Heart
    Relax Into Greatness
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Yoga For A Better Back Series $40.00 valid for 10 years
  • This 4-class series includes:
    > Introduction
    > Practice Overview
    > Three asana practices 
    > One guided yoga nidra session focused on healing

    We'll explore several movements to stabilize the back and reduce pain. We also explore healthy movement patterns and exercises that help people recover from and prevent future injury.
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Moon | Sun | Fire Workshop Series $40.00 valid for 10 years

    The ancient tradition of Tantra maps the entire spectrum and sacred journey of Hatha Yoga. According to these teachings there are three stages to practice: Moon, Sun, and Fire. Knowing how and when to apply these practices, ancient wisdom tells us, is key to realizing the promise of yoga and to achieve lasting happiness and success.  

    Join master teacher, Rod Stryker, for what promises to be an inspiring and life-changing series. Suitable for all levels.

    This series includes:
    > Introduction
    > Practice Overview
    > Three Asana Practices 
    > Three Meditation Practices
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5-Class Package $50.00 valid for 12 months
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