Goals Motivate Me - a Short Reflection

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Dave Stevens

My goal is to help you to become stronger, more flexible and pain free while moving and living with ease. 50 years of sports related injuries left me virtually crippled. The discovery of Ki-Hara "Resistance Stret...
Welcome to RiversZen's Daily Reflection where we provide though provoking meditation designed for self improvement. Take a deep breath, listen thoughtfully to the reflection and then spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation.

Here is Today's Reflection:

Goals Motivate Me
Goals give me something to strive for. I am excited about making positive changes in my life.
I make concrete plans. I decide what I need to do and when I need to do it.
I start small and aim high. I take baby steps at first. Each victory builds my confidence. I know that I can tackle bigger things. My ambitions grow. I prove to myself that I am capable and strong.
I gather feedback and support. I ask others for their comments and advice. I phone a friend when I need a pep talk or a sounding board.
I strengthen my commitment. I think about how my goals align with my values. I visualize how working towards them enriches my life.
I remain flexible. When my goals elude me, I come up with alternative plans.
My goals give me a sense of direction. I know where I am heading and the milestones I need to reach along the way. I take charge of my life instead of drifting along or reacting to outside events.
My goals encourage me to be persistent. I enjoy each stage of the journey. I keep going even when I encounter obstacles. I know that the definition of success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.
My goals challenge me to be creative. I work smarter so I can beat my own record. I create conditions that help me succeed.
Today, I keep my purpose in mind. I love the satisfaction that comes with reaching each of my goals.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Why is it helpful to write down my goals?
2. Why is it important to track my progress?
3. What makes a goal compelling for me?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and see what comes to your mind for the next few minutes while you listen to the splashing waves beneath the studio. Don't fight or judge, just listen. Watch for the nuggets of wisdom that come your way.

Move Well, Stay Healthy, Be Happy, Live Today With Passion

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