Neurophysiology of Meditation with Marlysa Sullivan

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Amina Naru

Amina Naru E-RYT, YACEP Amina is the owner of Posh Yoga and co-founder of Retreat to Spirit in Wilmington Delaware and past executive director of Yoga Service Council. She specializes in trauma sensitive yoga pro...
Marlysa’s work has centered on connecting philosophy with science through yoga meditation. She has studied the autonomic nervous system extensively to explore the body-mind relationship and has also experienced how this system offers a perspective on supporting both a sense of inner and outer connection. This talk will include concepts of polyvagal theory, autonomic regulation, and the relationship to  supporting a sense of connectedness that spans from oneself, to others, and to a life of flourishing as one connects to deeper meaning and purpose. Marlysa will discuss how yoga offers a path of meditative self inquiry to connect deeply to one’s values such that this inner and outer connectedness and harmony is actualized.  The session will also include a discussion with Pam and Amina on these topics and a practice.The practice will be one of meditative self inquiry to help the participant experience this work of the autonomic nervous system and polyvagal theory in relating deeply to one’s values and inner/outer connection.
This interactive discussion kicks off our Community Engagement Series - Community Care Conversations with inspiring leaders in the wellness field. Join Pamela and Amina for provocative discussions about spiritual and soul care.

Each 90-minute session (webinar) includes a guest speaker lecture and contemplative practice; an in-depth interview and conversation with Pam and Amina; and opportunities to interact with the guest speaker and ask questions.