PSF Full Body 5.27

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Danielle Schmieder

Hi! I’m Danielle. I’ve been a Personal Trainer, Performance Exercise Specialist, Behavioral Change Specialist, and Bootcamp instructor for over 10 years. My experience has taught me that exercise doesn’t have to ...
Equipment: dumbbell and/or kettlebell (medium-heavy)

Warmup: tabata 20/10 x 4
Down dog toe touch/plank pop up
Squat toe tap/Ali shuffle
Split jump/pushup
Up down/jump jack

Workout: 4x1min
Broad jump hop return
Inch work pushup
Star jack
Elbow plank

After each round - 1 min each exercise
1. Db curtsey single dead(left and right)/Db switch foot hammer (left and right)
2. kB swing/kB thruster tricep ext/kB power curl/kB toe touch
3. Db alt bear plank row/Db alt up down jump over/Db skater over/Db lateral toe tap
4. kB snatch/kB hike swing/kB squat/kB halo

Challenge: thunderstruck
- jump jack and burpee