PSF Upper 2.25

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Jamie Smith

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Jamie is a former member of the elite Royal Marine Commandos where he found his passion for fitness and coaching. He is ACE certified and loves fast paced, no nonsense worko...
Upper body focused class. Buy in to the AMRAP by completing 100 reps of an exercise first. The you have the rest of the time to finish the AMRAP sets of 10! It's a good one. 

100 dB chest press to buy into Amrap 
10 kB switch clean and press 
10 kB squat upright row 
10 kB piston row 
10 jump jacks 

100 dB rows (50 each side) to buy into Amrap 
10 kB oh swing 
10 kB short lever swing 
10 kB push press 
10 up down 

100 dB bicep curls to buy into Amrap 
10 kB power curl 
10 kB oh tricep ext 
10 slam ball (or jump squats)
10 v up 

100 tricep dips to buy into Amrap 
10 kB toe touch crunch 
10 kB rev crunch 
10 slam ball pike up (or just reach to toes with a dumbbell)
10 plank shoulder taps