PSF Lower 5.26

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Cory Jagger

Has been in the fitness industry since 2006. Owned and operated Elite Strength and Conditioning in Durango, Colorado whole coaching the running backs and defensive line for Durango High School. Cory is also a pro...
Equipment: Med-Heavy dumbbell

Warmup: tabata 20sec/10sec x 4
Squats/butt kick
Rev lunge/high knee
Side lunge/skater
Calf raise/jump jack

Workout: 4x1min
Shaun white
Plank pop up
Squat toe tap
Plank thruster

After each round: 1 min each exercise 
1. Db 3-2-1 squat/Db rev curtsey/Db good morning/Db duck foot calf raise
2. Db over the fence/Db ski jump/Db chair tap over/Db in-line skater
3. Db 3 pulse squat/Db fwd lunge pause/Db alt single dead/Db pigeon toed calf raise
4. Db hip bridge/Db static hip bridge leg ext/Db bear plank jack/Db toe tap

Challenge: 100 air squat