PSF Upper 5.25

Aired -

Equipment: light, med and heavy dbs or kbs

Warmup: tabata 20sec/10sec x 4
Up down/mountain climber
Jump jack/pushup
Full body ext/oh butt kick
Sit-ups/v ups

Workout: 4x1min
Superman lat pull
Up down

After each round - 1 min per exercise (so, 4 min of work after each round)
1. Db chest press/Db pull over/Db skull crusher/Db toe touch crunch 
2. Db split row(left and right)/Db concentration curl (left and right)
3. Db snatch (left and right)/Db curl press/Db press tricep ext
4. Db crunch/Db Russian twist/Db jackknife/bicycles

Challenge: 5min elbow plank