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LENGTH: 1 hr
WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Light WeightsHeavy WeightsStrap, + Fit Ball
THIGH WORK: Parallel Squat
SEAT WORK: Fold Over
LEVEL: All levels
INTENSITY (High, Mid or Low): High
STYLE: Barre, Yoga, Functional Fitness, Pilates-based Core Work, Athletes, Runners, Cyclists, Skiers, Cross-training for Athletes, Strength, Balance, Leg Work, Thigh Work, Seat Work, Gluts, Deep Core Work, Arms, Shoulders

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A lifetime of habitual repetitive patterning creates stagnancies within the body. Barre FLUID will challenge you to move in new and different ways in order to strengthen, tone and support the fluidity of energy throughout. Expect 60-minutes of full-body activation that combines functional movements of Barre, toning of Pilates, and cardiovascular endurance of yoga. Shake loose what is stuck in order to curate rhythm and harmony.