Yoga for Athletes

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Carrie Carroll

Movement is therapy, both mind + body for Carrie. As an essential behavioral health specialist, self-care is a must to be present. Yoga For Atheletes inspired as a former basketball, volleyball, soccer player. Ma...

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You run, jump, swim, ski, slam, bike, hike, move and groove... and you never make time to stretch or find stillness. Yoga for Athletes is EXACTLY what the PT ordered. The fact is that if you want the best results, your muscles and connective tissue (fascia) need to work together as one system. Repetitive patterning from your extensive sport training creates immobile, gummy, sticky fascia, which can lead to serious injury. Care for yourself in the most intentional way possible by creating a connection between strong muscles and mobile connective tissue, as well as a connection to mind, body and spirit.