Barre FiiT

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Cecilia Whyel

Cecilia is an artist, teacher, performer, and choreographer with over 25 years of training in a wide variety of movement styles. She currently performs professionally in the Greater Denver area as a contemporary ...
DURATION: 50 min
INSTRUCTOR: Cecilia Whyel
WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Light weights + Ball
FOCUS: Full body toning + cardio
LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced
INTENSITY (Sweat, Studio to Street, Stretch): Sweat
STYLE: HIIT, Functional Fitness, Fitness for Injury, Fitness for Rehabilitation, Fitness for Physical Therapy, Pilates-based Core Work, Fitness for Athletes, Fitness for Runners, Fitness for Cyclists, Fitness for Skiers, Cross-training for Athletes, Strength, Balance, Leg Work, Thigh Work, Seat Work, Gluts, Deep Core Work, Arms, Shoulders

  • focus
  • stability
  • mobility
  • heart

Flexibility. Intensity. Interval. Training (FiiT). It's time to take your FiiTness to the next level. This Barre class utilizes our smart alignment foundation and is designed to fatigue muscles through heart rate spikes (cardio, cardio, cardio) and active recoveries (slow and mindful) in order to maximize caloric burn, melt away fat and boost your metabolism. Come work your bod in ways you never thought were possible. Enjoy both strength and suppleness in 50 short minutes.