Payment Plan

200-Hour Teacher Training - PAYMENT PLAN $2,000.00
  • Seeking Community?

    Ohana Yoga presents an 8-week 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program designed with the modern student in mind. Learn in a supportive community within the comfort of your own home.

    Your FOUR (4) individual payments of $500 (total of $2,000) will process on the same day each month for four (4) consecutive months. You must utilize a credit card with a valid expiration date through the end of training in order to hold your unique spot.

    We understand that life happens. If you can no longer attend any of the virtual sessions hosted in real-time (which are a requirement to receive your certificate), you will still receive:

    • All on-demand course modules (42 hours of training; value = $1000)
    • Access to Tiffany Cruikshank's 20-hour Yoga Anatomy Training (value = $429)
    • Access to fifty (50) curated on-demand yoga classes aligned with our weekly thematic training schedule (value = $750)
    • Four (4) months of subscription to Ohana Online (value = $156)

    TOTAL VALUE of the on-demand only training = $2,355

    When adding the value of knowledge from our virtual sessions facilitated in real time, the training would exceed thousands of dollars.

    We will not issue any refunds due to the inherent value of education contained within this course, no exceptions. However, you may join our next round of Ohana Yoga Online 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training for free to complete the virtual sessions in real-time in order to complete your certification.
  • Auto-renews