Yoga Alignment

We've all been there, flowing through class wondering "am I doing this right?" but too afraid to speak up and ruin the quiet energy in the room. With the Yoga Alignment series, you'll get a detailed breakdown of 19 of the most commonly seen poses to use in your practice.

Learn how to energetically pull and push muscles, get quick tips and how parts should be lining up, and most importantly, learn how each pose works for your unique body (it doesn't have to look like the pictures you've seen online).

Find alignment, deepen your practice, and go with the flow. Grab your Yoga Alignment package today!
PROGRAM: Yoga Alignment
19 commonly seen poses broken down to give you proper alignment. Learn the small tweaks you can make to get more muscle strength or a deeper stretch as well as where you should be feeling each pose in your body.

There is no limit to how many times you watch these videos and you'll have access to them for 12-months.

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