Open Your Heart - 5 Part Series

Do you find yourself hunched forward, prone to headaches, or having increasing pain in your shoulders? It's time to open your heart. In the process of opening your heart you'll build shoulder + back strength, learn the benefits and the alignment of backends, and start to stand tall in your authentic self.  Opening your heart isn't just about better posture, it's about creating space in your body to be who you were always meant to be.

So, Are you ready to open your heart? 
PROGRAM: Open Your Heart
In this 5-part program, you'll be taken through four (4) skills and drills classes that will give you movement practices you can do anytime to create more space around your heart, strengthen your back and shoulders, improve your posture, and help you stand tall in your true authentic self.

The final video is a full-length yoga class that will put all these drills into play with a sequence all about heart-openers and backbends.

There is no limit to how many times you watch these videos and you'll have access to them for 24-months. Grab this amazing program today and start the process of opening your heart!

**Free For All-Access Members (Price waived at checkout)
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