30-Day Exhale

The 30-Day Exhale is an invitation to let go of the past, to release the weight on your shoulders, and return to your breath. Specifically to find that exhale and let it all out.

For 30-days, you'll get a daily email with a custom curated video to help you exhale. Videos that include:
• Yoga + Barre classes
• Meditation
• Breathwork
• Journal exercises
• And so much more!

Join the Ohana family for this 30-Day Exhale. 
PROGRAM: 30-Day Exhale Program
When life hands you everything at once it can be hard to remember to breathe. That's where the 30-day exhale comes in. 30-days of content to meditate, breathe, move, and come back to yourself.

Use this time to build a yoga and fitness ritual you can come back to again and again.

* Your 30-days begin right after purchase but will have 12-months of access to these classes
**Free For All-Access Members (Price waived at checkout)

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