Ice + GLOW Discounted 10-Pack

Love what Ice + GLOW does for you? Grab a discounted 10-pack of these sessions to keep up a regular adaptive practice and see how intentional stress transforms your world.
Ice + GLOW 10-Session Package
Good for ten (10) Ice + GLOW sessions lasting 45-minutes that includes access to our Morozko Force Ice Bath Pro and Sunlighten mPulse 3-person full spectrum infrared sauna.


If one of these modalities doesn't feel right for you, know that you can opt out of them at any time. Intentional cold exposure and infrared sauna contrast therapy is NOT right for every body, all the time.

Contraindications for both the ice bath and infrared sauna include:

  • experiencing a fever
  • alcohol in your system
  • pregnancy
  • heart conditions and heart disease
  • outfitted with a pacemaker
  • blood pressure irregularities
  • history of aneurysms
  • history of blood clotting
  • history of fainting
  • history of syncope
  • history of seizures
  • folks who are taking some prescription medications

***We are NOT doctors and we are NOT therapists. Please speak with your own healthcare professionals and providers before making the decision to join us.

***No refunds or partial refunds
***Packages are not sharable or transferable
***10-Session package never expires
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