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About Octavia Raheem
Starshine & Clay : A place for the rest and awakening of Black Women and Women of Color 

A place where every single class and experience is curated with you and your real life (the one the world sees and the one you keep hidden away)  in mind.

A place where every class is thoughtfully planned, mindfully delivered, and designed to meet you where you are while helping you get where you want to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

A place where high achieving + spirit led Black Women and Women of Color like you to stop waiting to exhale and finally take in a full breath.

A place where smart driven sisters can take a seat and be cared for by the best teachers, guides, and facilitators.

A place where Black Women and Women of Color in leadership can reconnect to and remember to follow their heart.

A place where you can transform your burn out into embers for your glow up.

A place designed to shift you from living and running off fumes to accessing fuel through your practice, rest, self  and community care.

Here, you are not not merely included. Your rest and awakening is at the center of every detail.