Nikki Costello

Nikki Costello is a Certified Level 3 Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT) and a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). For 30 years, her teaching has been inspired by annual trips to India including RIMYI (Ramamani Iyengar M...

The Practice Hour: Sensitivity + Ascending Ribs

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1h 3m
"Simplicity is Profound, Basics are Essential"
In our complex and demanding world, we can re-establish our connection to the basic principles of Yoga, essential to our well-being. Foundational postures reveal our potential, heal our wounds and strengthen our resolve to move forward with confidence.

Join Nikki for an hour of practice and explore the fundamentals of Iyengar Yoga for all levels of practice.

Approach the ribcage in basic asana to create intelligence in the body for subtle engagement in pranayama. Asanas include: urdhva baddhanguliyasana vrksasana, utthita hasta padangustasana 2, adho mukha svanasana, upavistha konasana, baddhakonasana, chatushpadsana.