Mairin McCracken

Mairin is a San Francisco-based yoga instructor who loves to get the body moving in ways that bring us closer to ourselves. Her flows are fresh, fun and challenging- think yoga meets conditioning meets dance. A c...

Bodyweight Sculpt Flow "Feeling our Feelings, Meeting our Needs" (60 min. Lots of legwork, corework, inner thighs, and cardio!)

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1h 10m
Fast forward through the first few minutes of me getting my audio setup! Once we start moving, we don't stop much at all. This class was a lot of lower body- lunges, glute bridges, inner thigh work- and a healthy dose of corework (two sets of mountain climbers. Yay!). There may or may not be a quick set burpees snuck in here. Have fun! As always, reach out to let me know how you feel after class. And if you love these classes, don't forget to spread the word!