"Trusting the Process" Power Flow (Oblique + Hip Flexor Strengthening, Twists)

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Mairin McCracken

Mairin is a San Francisco-based yoga instructor who loves to get the body moving in ways that bring us closer to ourselves. Her flows are fresh, fun and challenging- think yoga meets conditioning meets dance. A c...
This flow takes us all over our mats- up, down, turning around- you get it. We've got some new moves for strengthening those hip flexors. We also fire up the core, get into a balancing twist, and take some time to cool down. Reach out via instagram or email with any thoughts or questions!

Playlist : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6PWlHYhYURbPBpUCfzjQ8X?si=f5bc9b0877504a8d