REGEN Flow - Another way to treat your lower back stiffness - t-spine/glute mobility/strength

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Sandy Gross

I teach active people who struggle with aches and pains how to do their own self therapies and how to build a more durable body through movement education. I'm a yoga & functional movement specialist with 30+ ye...
Highlights of this class: t-spine mobility & glute awareness for feeding some slack to a stiff lower spine. Very methodical slow flow sequence with hip stretches working up towards twisted triangle pose. Minimal guided relaxation for a more quiet experience.

Join other active people for my weekly Reset & Flow, a yoga-inspired regenerative “tune up” practice to help you maintain the integrity of your body for your workouts and life.

We'll focus on restoring mobility using self massage with Roll Model® therapy balls followed by select poses and flows to "tune up" your joint mechanics and movement patterns. This class will be lead with detail to breath awareness, ways to apply movement to your every day activities and give you mindset strategies for taking control of your stress level and mental health. 

Recommended props: a yoga-type mat or carpeted floor, two yoga blocks, a sofa pillow or blanket, a yoga strap or mobility band and Roll Model®️ therapy balls. Use what you have or order here: