Self Massage & Mobility - Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back

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Sandy Gross

I teach active people who struggle with aches and pains how to do their own self therapies and how to build a more durable body through movement education. I'm a yoga & functional movement specialist with 30+ ye...
A 40-minute guided session where we will desensitize sore tissues and restore them with therapy ball roll outs and rehabilitative movements.

Modeled after my own nightly routine, doing this class before bed will contribute to better sleep density and also help your body to reset itself during the night.

Follow along, relax, learn some new self therapy skills and wake up tomorrow better rested. (Also a great class to do on recovery day or post-training and a warm down.)

To my private clients: This is a great time for you to use this organized practice time with me to do your personal Body Maintenance Plan work, learn some new roll outs and benefit from the motivation, breath cues and anatomical reminders in a group session.