Soul Centered Living $100.00 per month
  • Welcome to Soul Centered Living | A sacred space for empowerment. This is a program and community to support you and inspire you on your Soul Path.
    We are reaching an accelerated part of the Shift. Whatever juncture you find yourself during this time of Awakening in the Individual and Collective Shift, this program and online community will help you understand the Shift as well as the focus of The New Paradigm. 
    This program will also help you align more to your Soul to live the life you were meant to live and give you the support to follow your dreams.
    There is so much overthinking, causing people to second-guess their thoughts, asking themselves, “Are these thoughts coming from my gut/Soul? Or is it just me overthinking?”
    I can help you distinguish between what is coming from your Soul (your intuition) and what is not (external influences, personal insecurities, etc.). 
    I can help you live courageously, trust yourself, and let go of fear and being controlled by
    “the norm” or “what is expected” (i.e., The Old Paradigm).
    This course will give you a compass that will assist you in connecting with your Higher Self, and navigating the new terrain that is being co-created.
    The tools, meditations, processes, weekly growth work, videos, audio messages and course work will help you to understand the Shift, and align to that which is newly emerging through you and in your life at this pivotal time.
    Program description:
    • Navigate the “Global Shift” and Soul Awakening
    • Understand the dynamics of the Shift individually and 
      collectively, and how this is manifesting in our world and society today
    • Align your individual Flow to the Universal Flow of the New Emerging Consciousness
    • Use meditation processes to cope with the uncertainty during this time 
      of transition and change
    • Heal your past and release limiting patterns to move into your present 
      with more grace and ease
    • Move out of ‘Linear Time’ and live more by resonance and Synchronicity
    • See the signs and interpret the meanings that are ushering you into your new direction
    • Determine which “Mode of Energy” you are and how best to use it to draw 
      in what you need, want, and live more abundantly
    • Interpret the language of the Soul and learn how to use your intuition for guidance
    • Connect to your Higher Self 
    • Find and draw in your Soul Tribe
    This program includes:
    • Soul Path Tools
    • Course materials to assist in understanding the Shift
    • Meditations to relieve anxiety, doubt, and fear
    • Exercises to keep your ‘Foundational Vibration’ high
    • Processes to align you to your Soul Signature Frequency
    • Supplemental video talks and lessons
    • Weekly Affirmations to assist in your path
    • Weekly Inner Work to anchor the changes you are making and 
      support you on your Soul Path
    • Weekly class Zoom video with instruction and exercises and processes for you weekly
    • Weekly Soul Path Messages for empowerment, insights, inspiration and inspired action
    • Monthly live Zoom video class and a power keg distilling session.
    • 20% discount  to single classes and workshops
    • Complimentary Pass to special events or bonus classes that apply
    • Complimentary Pass to Soul Path Meditations
    • Complimentary Pass to Soul Path Channeled Guidance Sessions
    • If you can't attend the Soul Path Meditations or Channeled Sessions in person you will have access to the replays.

    *This subscription is billed monthly recurring.
    * Please make sure of your commitment as all exchanges final.

  • Auto-renews