Monday Night Meditation Class: Giving It Up to Grace part 3

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Meryl Arnett

Meryl Arnett is the mama of two spirited little ones; she is co-owner of Sacred Chill {West} yoga and meditation studio; and she is a 500-hour registered yoga & meditation teacher. Her passion is introducing mind...
Today’s class explores inviting the grace of a “Guru” into your meditation practice. Now, there is a lot of misconception out there about what a Guru is or isn’t so we will explore what this actually means and how it can help your meditation practice. 

A Guru is a teacher who is fully enlightened, realized or awakened and has the capacity to awaken you to your own enlightenment. Not many of us will have the good fortune to study with an in-the-flesh enlightened master. 

In case you weren’t sure… I am NOT an enlightened master ;-)

However, in many meditation teaching traditions, there is an unbroken lineage of teachers. This means that each teacher can trace back to the teacher before her all the way back to the original Guru of the lineage. And, within this unbroken lineage there is a power of transmission. The Guru energy is carried through each teacher in the lineage in its own way and passed through to its students. In essence, this means you have direct contact with Guru energy assuming you study within an unbroken lineage. 

I am a lineage holder in 2 unbroken lineages, and with this, we can call on this unbroken line of teachers to help quicken and deepen the energy of our meditation.

When we ask a Guru to be present in our meditation, we are really asking for their inner awakeness, their lovingkindness to be kindled within us. It is, in essence, connecting us to our own inner teacher. When you study with an external teacher, like myself, my job is to connect you to your own deepest experiences. Your own inner teacher. 

Invoking this kind of grace is not placing your power somewhere else. It is actually calling out the power we have concealed inside. 

Join me for today’s talk and guided meditation as we experience for ourselves what the grace of the guru can do to enliven our meditation practices.