Monday Night Meditation Class

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Meryl Arnett

Meryl Arnett is the mama of two spirited little ones; she is co-owner of Sacred Chill {West} yoga and meditation studio; and she is a 500-hour registered yoga & meditation teacher. Her passion is introducing mind...
With every potent and powerful transition, it can be SO tempting to turn back. To pretend we didn’t see or don’t know better because it can feel easier to be miserable than to push for the breakthrough to joy.

But we are born for joy. The practice isn’t teaching us to be joyful; the practice is helping us access our joy. 

Some days this can be hard to believe. Here in the States, we just lost a Supreme Court Justice, and both political parties will continue to spew hatred and lies and try to manipulate in their own ways. And, it will continue to break our hearts. 

In this moment, I believe the only thing we can do is carry on with the most on-fire compassion practice of all time. NOW IS THE TIME.

It is SO easy to intellectualize the practice of meditation. To study, to read and to learn without taking time to explore these concepts through the lens of the heart. And yet, this practice of ‘mindfulness’ is often translated to something closer to “heartfulness”.

This is meant to be a tender and embodied practice. Not em-brained. Embodied. 

We let ourselves soften into a practice that feels warm and kind and generous of spirit rather than stern or overly-disciplined.

Join me for today’s class as we discuss letting go into compassion and share in a 20-minute guided meditation practice.