YIn Yoga - Lung Series $49.00 valid for 5 years
  • Yin Yoga for Lung Season - 4 Class Series.  These practices help you tune into the season of Autumn (though you can practice them anytime), strengthen your immune system, and practice letting go. Use postures and breath work to increase and strengthen the lungs and respiration; work with the emotions of grief and loss, love and beauty;  and focus anatomically on the upper body (side body, chest, upper back, shoulders, arms and neck). Appropriate for beginners.

    Bonus Content: Heart Centeredness Meditation

    Props: 2 blocks, blanket, strap, bolster/pillow

    Intro to Lung Season and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine): This practice sets the stage for the series with a basic introduction to Lung Season in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Class starts with Ujayii pranayama,  a breath practice that strengthens the diaphragm and can be practiced anywhere, anytime, to cultivate warmth and focus. Poses will work into the lungs, chest, side body and shoulders.
    Grief & Praise: This practice, applicable for any time of the year, invites us into deeper relationship with grief, both somatically and emotionally. Class will focus on the chest and shoulders anatomically, and the heart energetically.

    The Breath as a Bridge: This practice plays with the breath and its intimate connection to body, mind and spirit, as well as breath as the vehicle for prana (aka chi, Holy Spirit, etc). Mahat Pranayama plus chest, shoulder and side body openers help you get into the lungs and discover the fullness of your breath.

    The Art of Letting Go: Explore finding a physical release in the body to create an environment for deeper mental and emotional release, using the ground and props for additional support. Practice works primarily with the legs, hip and spine for grounding and stability.
  • One-time charge