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About Lotus Yoga Studio
Lotus Yoga Studio proudly welcomes all genders, races, ages, abilities, orientations, religions and backgrounds to the yoga studio and truly believe that yoga is for every body. We believe in making yoga accessible for everyone and we stand up for the rights of all people to practice yoga and feel safe in wellness spaces.

At Lotus Yoga Studio we believe that yoga can empower people to embrace their true selves through mindfulness, compassion and connection. In our yoga practice we emphasizing being present, connecting mind with body, individualizing your practice, and building community together. 

We strive to embrace the eight limbs of yoga in everything we do valuing honesty, compassion, open-mindedness, integrity and giving back. We also deeply value silliness, joy, travel, new experiences and always learning. 

If these align with you we hope you come practice yoga with Lotus.