Monday Reset with Sadie

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Sadie Crystal (She/Hers)

     Sadie discovered yoga through a team bonding activity for tennis in high school, being a lifelong dancer, yoga intrigued her with its stretches and postures that felt comfortable and familiar in her body. As...
Feeling tired and in need of a reset? Begin your Monday with a slow-moving, stretchy flow to gently wake up your week. Roll out of bed and enjoy a vinyasa flow that incorporates restorative yoga postures to create space in the body. Enjoy this chill flow and learn more about how to practice yoga daily in your life, on and off the mat. Feel comfortable at a slow pace as we explore self-healing through movement. Have two blocks, and a blanket/bolster, as well as an option to light a candle and dim the lights in the room where you are practicing.

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