Flowing into Bhujapidasana and Seated Compass with Taryn

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Taryn Vander Hoop (she/her)

Taryn Vander Hoop, a lifelong student of movement, is a dancer, choreographer, and international yoga and dance teacher known for her long unique sequences and encouraging spirit. She helps her students find joy ...
This hip and shoulder opening / core-stimulating class investigates postures leading up to Bhujapidasana and Seated Compass. We’ll explore both of these asanas as a means to open up against restrictions. Oftentimes, we feel pressure to hold back from being the fullest expression of ourselves. When we find ways to push up against these restrictions, challenge habitual patterns, old ways of thinking and being, we can step into our truth and push society forward. Come explore shapes and these concepts with me!

Props: two blocks, a blanket, a strap (a tie or towel will suffice if you do not have a strap)