Vriksasana (Tree Pose) and Garudasana (Eagle pose) Flow with Monica

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Monica Williams

My name is Monica Williams (she/her), and I am a dance artist, yoga teacher, and choreographer based in Los Angeles, currently residing in Omaha, Nebraska. As a dancer, movement has shaped my identity. Its allowe...
This open level vinyasa flow focuses on navigating growth and change. Working through a heat-building flow and balancing postures like Vriksasana (Tree Pose) and Garudasana (Eagle pose), we will honor and welcome the wiggles and imperfections — in an effort to bring the practice of non-judgment into our journeys of self-growth. Modifications and variations will be given throughout the class to make the flow accessible to all. I welcome you to honor your body by creating your own modifications, using props, and taking a rest at any time!

Props: 2 blocks and a blanket (optional)