Santosha Balance with Mason

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Mason Gray

she/her As a lifelong dancer since the age of three, movement is in my bones and has truly shaped my life. I fell in love with movement as a tool for wellness while studying Dance and Health & Human Sciences at ...
This Santosha centered Vinyasa flow provides a space for all yogis to practice accepting and loving themselves exactly as they are. Through sequences of intentional balancing postures including Goddess, Eagle, Crow, Tree, culminating in a peak pose of Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Extended hand to toe pose), this flow challenges students to practice embracing instability in order to find contentment and joy within it. This class is supported by the Ahamkara mudra as a way to deepen the connection to the self and encourage alignment of the third, solar plexus chakra.

Props needed: 1 block, optional blanket and strap