Heart Opening Challenges with Monica

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Monica Williams

My name is Monica Williams (she/her), and I am a dance artist, yoga teacher, and choreographer based in Los Angeles, currently residing in Omaha, Nebraska. As a dancer, movement has shaped my identity. Its allowe...
This beginner-intermediate level vinyasa flow centers on finding and creating space throughout the body and mind. We will set an intention for ourselves, focusing on what space means for us in this present moment. Through a type of breath control called Viloma Pranayama, we will work to find release and spaciousness in the upper body. This flow is heat-generating, heart-opening, and builds up to the peak pose Ardha Chandra Chapasana (Half Moon Bow Pose). Modifications and variations will be given throughout class. I welcome you to honor your body by creating your own modifications or taking a rest at any time!

Props: 2 blocks and a blanket (optional)