Heart Opening Flow with Sadie

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Sadie Crystal (She/Hers)

     Sadie discovered yoga through a team bonding activity for tennis in high school, being a lifelong dancer, yoga intrigued her with its stretches and postures that felt comfortable and familiar in her body. As...
This open/ intermediate level heart opening flow allows you the opportunity to find vulnerability to open up both mentally and physically. Using a concept of kalesvara mudra and mini guided meditations, this class allows students to identify what behavior patterns and beliefs keep the heart closed off. Using challenging postures, deep core and breathwork, find release while leading your life in acceptance and joy. Enjoy some fun funky music to guide you to an open heart surrender!

Props that will be useful within the practice:
-blocks or two stacks of books
-a yoga strap or theraband of any kind

*optional to have a blanket and bolster