Satsang Study Pass $49.00 per month
  • A mentorship based approach to online learning includes 30 days of: 
    • Unlimited LIVE classes
    • Unlimited On-Demand asana classes
    • Dharma Lab
    • Anatomy Lab
    • Meditation 
    • PLUS weekly Zoom class and Monthly Zoom mentorship groups. 
  • Auto-renews
Practitioner Pass $25 $25.00 per month
  • Includes 30 days of unlimited LIVE and On-Demand Asana based classes only Jivamukti Open class and Mindful movement. Does NOT include zoom mentorship sessions, Dharma Labs, Anatomy Labs or Pranayama classes.
  • Auto-renews
Asana Class Drop In $12.00 one time use
  • Good for one live or on demand replay of an asana based vinyasa practice, ie Somatic Movement or Jivamkuti Open class.
  • One-time charge
First timer 3 classes for $5 $5.00 valid for 14 days
  • Choose any 3 classes either live or from the replay library. Expires in two weeks. Special events excluded.
  • One-time charge