Pre/postnatal: Postnatal Practice & Gentle Flow

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Lara Kohn Thompson

Lara Kohn Thompson is a certified Yoga teacher (ERYT-500/PRYT), licensed massage therapist, perinatal trainer, educator, and mentor.  Born in India, raised in France, and living in Brooklyn, Lara spent her early ...
Pregnant bellies and new parents can flow too! In these strong and energizing yet relaxing classes you will enjoy vinyasa flow and held postures, restorative asanas, and pranayama with special modifications. You will find relief from the common discomforts of pregnancy, learn practical tools for labor and delivery, and become acquainted with practices that bring awareness to the pelvic floor and abdomen. Open to people at all stages of pregnancy and postpartum, these classes bring both body and mind into balance during this time of great transition and change.