Kula Quickie (35 min): Stretch Wider, Grow Longer

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Madalyn Pedone

Madalyn is passionate about making the joy of yoga accessible to all levels of practitioners.  Yoga became a grounding force in her life when she started to attend classes while studying theater at NYU. With a ba...
(Recommended props: two blocks, a blanket, and wall space)

This class focuses on the width and length in the trunk in seated and standing poses. We’ll work against gravity as we lift the sides of the body in dandasana. We’ll widen ourselves to the sides as we twist in bharadvajasana. We’ll incorporate that length and width in standing postures such as warrior 2, triangle, and extended side angle. Finally, we’ll use all of that new-found space in handstand and full wheel. Don’t be afraid to take up space! 

(Int) You asked, we deliver. For busy parents, workaholics, anyone who needs a shot of Kula to shake up or spice up their day—join us for a 35 minute dose of Kula goodness. This class is perfect if you need an early asana espresso, a mid-day snack, an appetizer for a tasty evening ahead or a short yogic nightcap.