Pranayama 101: A 3-Week Intensive (Session #2)

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Gabriel Halpern

Gabriel Halpern holds a BA in Philosophy, an MA in Health Psychology, and was trained at the Iyengar Yoga Institutes in San Francisco and Pune, India. Gabriel has practiced since 1970 and gives workshops national...

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Pranayama is the fourth anga, or limb of yoga. Comfortable posture is a prerequisite for pranayama. This series of classes will show you sequences that can charge you with vitality and alertness and calm and tranquilize you with quietness. The marma points of Yoga Nidra will be taught to deepen relaxation and visualization skills. Both supine and seated breath work will be explained, demonstrated, instructed, observed, and corrected. 
Week 1: Basics of UIjjayi/Viloma and Jalandhara Bandha
Week 2: Anuloma, Chandra Bhedana, and Kumbhakas
Week 3: Pratiloma, Surya Bhedana, Shanmukhi Mudra
Open to all levels. Pre-requisite for future pranayama series.
All sessions will begin with yoga’s mystical physiology on the nadis, the kundalini, and the chakras.

Gabriel Halpern holds degrees in philosophy and health psychology and the founder of the Yoga Circle in Chicago in 1985. Owing to the direct influence of BKS Iyengar and 50 + years of personal practice, Gabriel has learned the difference between actual and perceived limitations, knowledge he passes along to those who study with him. Add to that twenty five years of work as a university professor at De Paul's Theater Conservatory and that puts him in touch with the pulse of creative young people.  His is well known as an accomplished vegetarian chef, guitar player, song writer, sacred dance leader, men's group facilitator, and a stand up comic. He teaching is all that is yoga:  zeal in practice, art form, science, world view, life style, and mystical mentoring.
Gabriel is a veteran teacher who ignites the fire of aspiration not only to your asana practice, but to your spiritual life as well.  Give yourself the gift of vitality, clarity, and tranquility with this icon of the Chicago yoga community. Learn more at