Kula Quickie (45 min): The Top 5 Worst Named Postures (That Feel Oh So Good...)

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Schuyler Grant

I used to think that yoga was something my parents did to embarrass me in front of my friends in junior high. But 20 years ago, recovering from a back injury, I began practicing asana and discovered something I h...
(Suggested props: 2 blocks & blanket)

There are quite a few pose names that are what we call not LOY (Light on Yoga) at Kula.  In other words, totally made up asanas with totally made up names.  But then again, when we get off our high horses we will acknowledge that all postures we made up at some point, by someone - so why not some vinyasa teacher in the early 2000s?!   ANYWAY - most of these more recently made up poses feel damn good... so this class is an homage to the cheesy but satisfying (brie anyone?!).  Rock Star (Wild Thing?!), Bridges Crossing, Fallen Triangle, et al... get your crackers ready.

(Int) You asked, we deliver. For busy parents, workaholics, anyone who needs a shot of Kula to shake up or spice up their day—join us for a 45 minute dose of Kula goodness. This class is perfect if you need an early asana espresso, a mid-day snack, an appetizer for a tasty evening ahead or a short yogic nightcap.