Kula Basics: Fly Like and Eagle

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Kevin Bigger

e-ryt 500 yoga teacher and teacher trainer based in brooklyn, ny.  i started practicing yoga up in boston in my late teens, immediately after a period of massive (less than healthy) weight loss, and just before...
(suggested props: two blocks and a blanket)

Under the heat of summer, the muscles and joints of our legs are a little more pliable, so it can be a good time to look at some of the yoga poses that ask us to tie our legs in a knot. In class today we focus on the many complex actions of one such pose: garudasana (eagle pose). There's some feel good hip and shoulder opening mixed in with some strong sweaty effort to get us there. Enjoy!

(Basic/Int) Get in the Kula Flow! Kula style yoga is a deep, challenging practice that will make you stronger and more flexible on the outside and softer (and more flexible) on the inside. You are never too tight, too tall or too weak to begin. (There’s nothing we can do if you’re too much of a procrastinator to get here.) Open to beginners as well as those wanting a slower paced vinyasa class or those who wish to reconnect with the fundamentals of alignment and flow style yoga. Though we like to emphasize that these are not so much yoga basics classes (there are plenty of those around the city), as basic Kula style classes.