Clio Manuelian

Clio is a LA based Teacher and Trainer for over a decade; devoted to creating aligned, strong, soft and soulful experiences for students of all levels.  She is a lecturer & Yoga Instructor at USC, a former NY’er,...

Kula Reset: Meditation—Self Compassion to Support Relationships

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(Props: bolster or chair)

A practice for the long game: learning to stay without losing yourself.

(Int) These turbulent times have inspired a new Kula class to down-regulate, restore, heal, and reset the nervous system. Each practice will vary, but the common thread is an array of the subtle arts. Expect a blend of reflective traditions like pranayama and meditation alongside the embodied practices of Yin and Restorative asana. You might even be treated to some singing bowls, an occasional inversion up the wall, Yoga Nidra, or a curated reading (none of us are too old for a good story time)!

Studies show that these practices boost the immune system and cardiovascular health, reduce stress and depression, enhance sleep and muscle repair, and generally make you a nicer human being. Enjoy the antidote for the stressors of our times (and a perfect compliment to the Yang dominance of most Kula classes). You can do chaturanga tomorrow. Right now, drop in for a Kula Reset.