Schuyler Grant

I used to think that yoga was something my parents did to embarrass me in front of my friends in junior high. But 20 years ago, recovering from a back injury, I began practicing asana and discovered something I h...

Breath & Bandha Class 1: Deconstructing & Embodying Pranayama

The first class of this three part series is an experiential deconstruction and exploration of the transformative power of the breath. We cover everything from the anatomy of the breath to both basic and more advanced Pranayama practices. 
Your breath is the link between the seen and the unseen, the visceral and the subtle, the conscious and the autonomic. Learning to control and play with (yama) your energetic body (prana) is one of the most powerful tools yogis have at their disposal, but we rarely have the time in class to take a deep dive into these practices.