Kula Hour: Agni (Fire) In The Core

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Nikki Vilella

After moving to Tribeca twenty years ago, I stumbled upon a premie Kula on the way to the train. I went, was hands down hooked by the first hip opener, and the rest is history. I started teaching at Kula in 2005 ...
(Suggested props 1 long strap and 2 blocks)

This class will awaken your core and get into your hips (both inner and outer). You will also (de)compress your calves and open up the channels of the lower body from feet to pelvis. 

(Int) We used to think that an hour was way too short for a yoga class, and then we discovered the Kula Hour: A 65 minute straight up shot of all the good stuff. (Of course a Kula hour lasts just a little longer than a NYC hour.) For 60 minutes we have at it, Kula style. 5 minutes of blissful rest follow.