Kula Flow: As The World Turns + Pranayama

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Nikki Vilella

After moving to Tribeca eighteen years ago, I stumbled upon a premie Kula on the way to the train. I went, was hands down hooked by the first hip opener, and the rest is history. I started teaching at Kula in 200...
(Suggested props: 1 strap, 1-2 blocks and a bolster if you have one. If you don't have a bolster roll up two blankets or towels).

As the hurricane arrives and the world churns, we will learn to turn the ribs and create some physical space for ourselves. We will also release the groins and inner thighs in this class, which inevitably contract and hold tension when things get messy. You will explore straddles, trees, parsva padangusta, trikonasana, uttita parsvakonasana, and ardha chandrasana. Our inversion is a handstand practice and our pranayama is a longer exhale than inhale (with retentions) to send us deep into our natural resting state where healing can occur.

(Int/Adv) Kula Flow is vinyasa (or flow) style yoga with an emphasis on creativity and alignment. Classes are inventive and thoughtful sequences of sun salutations, standing & seated postures, back bending, and inversions —guided by a steady breath to tone and calm the mind. Most teachers also use bandha work to open and strengthen the inner body. (Classes differ in tone and vigor depending on the teacher, so if you have special needs/interests please contact [email protected]) For students with a regular yoga practice.

Followed by (optional) Pranayama.