Kula Hour: Root Down, Rise Up

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Kevin Bigger

e-ryt 500 yoga teacher and teacher trainer based in brooklyn, ny.  i started practicing yoga up in boston in my late teens, immediately after a period of massive (less than healthy) weight loss, and just before...
(suggested props: 2 blocks and a blanket)

On #internationaldayofyoga we explore a fundamental yet deeply challenging action: can the hips root down while the spine rises up? This concept appears in a multitude of postures; in practice today, we primarily unpack it in garudasana and virabhadrasana i  (eagle and warrior one poses). 

(Int) We used to think that an hour was way too short for a yoga class, and then we discovered the Kula Hour: A 65 minute straight up shot of all the good stuff. (Of course a Kula hour lasts just a little longer than a NYC hour.) For 60 minutes we have at it, Kula style. 5 minutes of blissful rest follow.