Iyengar Vinyasa 2.0: Binding, Entwining and Threading the Arms

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Nikki Costello

Nikki Costello is a Level 3 Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT) and a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). For 26 years, her teaching has been inspired by annual trips to India including RIMYI (Ramamani Iyengar M...
This flow practice builds stamina, develops quickness and agility and sharpens mental attention. These dynamic and rhythmic sequences include ‘jumpings’ and skillful transitions to cultivate strength and lightness in the whole body.

Parvatasana in virasana (baddhanguliyasana arms)
  • 2x each side 
Bring hands to namaskar position
Om 3x
Adho mukha svanasana 
  • To open the backs of the knees from sitting in virasana 
Paschima baddhanguliyasana in tadasana 
  • 2x each interlace 
Tadasana with hands interlaced behind the head (sirsasana arms)   
Garudasana arms
  • 4x each side 
Tadasana with sirsasana arms 
  • Change interlace and repeat 
AMS to urdhva mukha svanasana 
  • 3x
  • For menstruation, you can do this once or twice and then remain in AMS, option to take head support 
Uttanasana -Urdhva hastasana -Uttanasana -AMS- UMS-AMS-UMS-AMS-Uttanasana- UH
Urdhva baddhanguliyasana- (right little finger down)
Urdhva baddhanguliyasana (right little finger down)
Urdhva baddhanguliyasana (left little finger down)
Urdhva baddhanguliyasana (left little finger down)
  • 3x
  • For menstruation, supta virasana 
Lie down and stretch your arms forward
Ardha shalabhasana actions 
  • Raise arms and legs up simultaneously, release 
    • 3x
Shalabhasana 1
Shalabhasana 2
  • Bend the knees and stretch toes and shins up, and raise the legs up while keeping palms on the floor
  • 2x
  • Hands to the back of the head like sirsasana
  • Raise up as in shalabhasana 
  • 4x, alternating the interlace of the hands behind the head 
  • For menstruation, supta baddha konasana
  • Repeat the shape 2x, this time attending to normal breathing in the pose 
Pause, resting on the abdomen with the head on backs of the hands
  • Make this an arm extension, rather than a backbend 
Dhanurasana to shalabhasana to makarasana
  • Dhanurasana, shalabhasana, bend the knees for shalabhasana 2 with wrists down, shalabhasana 1, dhanurasana, shalabhasana, makarasana, lower to abdomen 
Adho mukha virasana 
  • Rest arms along the sides, palms face up
Lie on your back 
Urdhva Prasarita Padasana sequence 
  • For menstruation, setu bandha  
Jathara parivartanasana
  • 3x each side 
Supta baddha konasana 
  • Option to catch the ankles

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