Kula Quickie: Knees Please (Flexion & Extension Into Back Extension)

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Nikki Vilella

After moving to Tribeca over two decades ago, I stumbled upon a premie Kula on the way to the train. I went, was hands down hooked by the first hip opener, and the rest is history. I started teaching at Kula in 2...
(Suggested props: 1 blanket, 2 blocks and 1 strap)

The class marries the legs of malasana, bekasana, marichiasana, Vira 1 and Nataranjasana. You will extend the knees as much as you bend them and ultimately work toward back extension or backbends. You will take a trip upside down or take prasarita paddotanasana if you prefer. End with a revolved marichi and a release for the inner groins and thighs.